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Our Kind of Traitor: A NovelBy John le CarréHardcover, 320 pagesViking AdultList Price: $27.95

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At seven o’clock of a Caribbean morning, on the island of Antigua, one Peregrine Makepiece, contrarily accepted as Perry, an all-round abecedarian amateur of acumen and until afresh babysitter in English abstract at a acclaimed Oxford college, played three sets of tennis adjoin a muscular, stiff-backed, bald, brown-eyed Russian man of aristocratic address in his average fifties alleged Dima. How this bout came about was bound the accountable of acute assay by British agents professionally disposed adjoin the apparatus of chance. Yet the contest arch up to it were on Perry’s ancillary blameless.

The alpha of his thirtieth altogether three months advanced had triggered a life-change in him that had been architecture up for a year or added afterwards his actuality acquainted of it. Seated arch in calmly at eight o’clock in the morning in his bashful Oxford rooms, afterwards a seven-mile run that had done annihilation to affluence his faculty of calamity, he had searched his anatomy to apperceive aloof what the aboriginal third of his accustomed activity had achieved, afar from accouterment him with an alibi for not agreeable in the angel aloft the city’s absent spires.



To any credible eye, his was the ultimate bookish success story. The State-educated son of secondary-school agents arrives in Oxford from London University burdened with bookish honours and takes up a three-year column awarded him by an ancient, rich, achievement-driven college. His aboriginal name, commonly the acreage of the English aerial classes, derives from a damaging Methodist abbot of the nineteenth aeon alleged Arthur Peregrine of Huddersfield.

In the appellation time, aback he isn’t teaching, he distinguishes himself as a cross-country agent and sportsman. On his additional evenings he helps out in a bounded adolescence club. In vacations he conquers difficult peaks and Best Austere climbs. Yet aback his academy offers him a abiding Fellowship—or to his present soured way of thinking, imprisonment for life—he baulks.

Again: why?

Last appellation he had delivered a alternation of lectures on George Orwell beneath the appellation ‘A Stifled Britain?’ and his address had abashed him. Would Orwell accept believed it accessible that the aforementioned ample choir which had apparitional him in the 1930s, the aforementioned crippling incompetence, addiction to adopted wars and assumptions of entitlement, were appropriately in abode in 2009?

Receiving no acknowledgment from the bare apprentice faces staring up at him, he had supplied it for himself: no, Orwell would emphatically not accept believed it. Or if he had, he would accept taken to the streets. He would accept burst some austere glass.


It was a affair he had thrashed out atrociously with Gail, his longstanding girlfriend, as they lay in her bed afterwards a altogether supper at the collapsed in Primrose Hill that she had part-inherited from her contrarily bankrupt father.

‘I don’t like advisers and I don’t like actuality one myself. I don’t like academia and if I never accept to abrasion a blood-soaked clothes again, I’ll feel a chargeless man,’ he had ranted at the gold-brown beard amassed calmly on his shoulder.

And accepting no acknowledgment aloft a affectionate purr:

‘Hammering on about Byron, Keats and Wordsworth to a agglomeration of apathetic undergraduates whose accomplished appetite is to get a degree, get laid, and get rich? Done it. Been there. Fuck it.’

And adopting the odds:

‘About the alone affair that would really accumulate me in this country is a blood-soaked revolution.’

And Gail, a sparky adolescent advocate on the rise, adored with looks and a quick tongue—sometimes a little too quick for her own abundance as able-bodied as Perry’s—assured him that no anarchy would be complete afterwards him.

Both were de facto orphans. If Perry’s backward parents had been the anatomy of baronial Christian left-wing abstinence, Gail’s were the added thing. Her father, a acquiescently abortive actor, had died anon of alcohol, sixty cigarettes a day and a confused affection for his aberrant wife. Her mother, an extra but beneath sweet, had vanished from the ancestors home aback Gail was thirteen, and was accounted to be active the simple activity on the Costa Brava with a additional cameraman.


Perry’s antecedent acknowledgment to his life-decision to agitate the dust of academia from his feet—irrevocable, like all Perry’s life-decisions—was to acknowledgment to his grass roots. The alone son of Dora and Alfred would put himself breadth their aesthetics had been. He would activate his teaching career all over afresh at the point breadth they had been affected to carelessness theirs.

He would stop arena the bookish high-flyer, assurance up for an honest-to-God teacher-training beforehand and, in their image, authorize as a secondary-school abecedary in one of his country’s best beggared areas.

He would advise set subjects, and any action they cared to bandy at him, to accouchement who bare him as a buoy to self-fulfilment rather than as a admission to common prosperity.

But Gail was not as abashed by this anticipation as conceivably he advised her to be. For all his assurance to be at the hard centre of life, there remained added unreconciled versions of him, and Gail was on accustomed agreement with best of them:

Yes, there was Perry the self-punishing apprentice at London University breadth they had aboriginal met, who in the mould of T. E. Lawrence had taken his bike to France in the vacations and ridden it until he keeled over with exhaustion.

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And yes, there was Perry the aerial adventurer, the Perry who could run no chase and comedy no game, from seven-a-side rugby to canyon the bindle with her nephews and nieces at Christmas time, afterwards a besetting charge to win.

But there was additionally Perry the closet sybarite who advised himself to capricious bursts of affluence afore dispatch aback to his garret. And this was the Perry who stood on the best tennis cloister at the best recession-hit resort in Antigua on that aboriginal May morning afore the sun got too aerial to play, with the Russian Dima one ancillary of the net and Perry the other, and Gail cutting a swimsuit and a broad-brimmed billowing hat and a cottony camouflage that covered actual little, sitting amidst an absurd accumulation of dead-eyed spectators, some dressed in black, who appeared to accept affidavit a aggregate adjuration not to smile, not to speak, and not to accurate any absorption in the bout they were actuality accountable to watch.


It was a advantageous chance, in Gail’s opinion, that the Caribbean chance had been planned in beforehand of Perry’s abrupt life-decision. Its birth anachronous aback to darkest November aback his ancestor had collapsed victim to the aforementioned blight that had agitated off his mother two years earlier, abrogation Perry in a accompaniment of bashful affluence. Not captivation with affiliated wealth, and actuality in two minds as to whether he should accord all he had to the poor, Perry dithered. But afterwards a attack of abrasion army by Gail, they had acclimatized for a once-in-a-lifetime arrangement tennis anniversary in the sun.

And no anniversary could accept been bigger planned, as it angry out, for by the time they had boarded on it, alike bigger decisions were staring them in the face:

What should Perry do with his life, and should they do it together?

Should Gail accord up the Bar and footfall blindly into the azure abroad with him, or should she abide to accompany her brief career in London?

Or ability it be time to accept that her career was no added brief than best adolescent barristers’ careers, and should she accordingly get herself pregnant, which was what Perry was consistently advancement her to do?

And if Gail, either out of archness or self-defence, had a addiction of axis ample questions into little ones, there remained no agnosticism that the two of them were alone and calm at life’s capital with some appealing abundant cerebration to do, and that a anniversary in Antigua looked like accouterment the ideal ambience in which to do it.


Their flight was delayed, with the aftereffect that they didn’t analysis into their auberge till afterwards midnight. Ambrose, the resort’s all-over major-domo, showed them to their cabin. They rose backward and by the time they had breakfasted on their balustrade the sun was too hot for tennis. They swam on a three-quarters-empty beach, had a aloof cafeteria by the pool, fabricated angled adulation in the afternoon, and at six in the black presented themselves at the pro’s shop, rested, happy, and acquisitive for a game.

Seen from a distance, the resort was no added than a array of white cottages broadcast forth a mile-wide ambit of accepted talcum-powder sand. Two promontories of bedrock broadcast with abrade backwoods credible its extremities. Amid them ran a apricot bank and a band of bright buoys to breadth off eavesdropping motor yachts. And on hidden terraces wrested from the hillside lay the resort’s championship-standard tennis courts. Meagre bean accomplish anguish amid beginning shrubs to the advanced aperture of the pro’s shop. Already through it, you entered tennis heaven, which was why Perry and Gail had alleged the place.

There were bristles courts and one centre court. Competition assurance were kept in blooming refrigerators. Competition argent cups in bottle cases bore the names of champions of yesteryear and Mark, the ample Australian pro, was one of them.

‘So what array of akin are we adorable at here, if I may inquire?’ he asked with abundant gentility, demography in afterwards animadversion the affection of Perry’s adept racquets, his blubbery white socks and beat but advantageous tennis shoes, and Gail’s neckline.

For two bodies accomplished their aboriginal adolescence but still in the blossom of life, Perry and Gail fabricated a conspicuously adorable pair. Nature had provided Gail with long, balanced legs and arms, high, baby breasts, a adroit body, English skin, accomplished gold beard and a smile to ablaze the gloomiest corners of life. Perry had a altered array of Englishness, actuality awkward and at aboriginal afterimage dislocated, with a continued close and arresting Adam’s apple. His stride was ungainly, he seemed to topple and his aerial protruded. At his Accompaniment academy he had been awarded the appellation of Giraffe, until those childish abundant to use it abstruse their lesson. But with adulthood he had acquired—unconsciously, which alone fabricated it added impressive—a ambiguous but undoubted grace. He had a mop of amber curls, a wide, brindle forehead, and large, bespectacled eyes that gave out an air of adorable perplexity.

Not dupe Perry to draft his own trumpet, and careful of him as always, Gail took the pro’s catechism aloft herself.

‘Perry plays qualifiers for Queen’s and he got into the capital draw already too, didn’t you? You absolutely fabricated it to the Masters. And that was afterwards breaking his leg skiing and not arena for six months,’ she added proudly.

‘And you, madam, if I may accomplish so bold?’ Mark the abject pro inquired, with a little added ambit on the ‘madam’ than Gail cared for.

‘I’m his rabbit,’ she replied coolly, to which Perry said, ‘Sheer bollocks,’ and the Australian sucked his teeth, befuddled his abundant arch in atheism and thumbed the blowzy pages of his ledger.

‘Well, I’ve got one brace actuality ability do you acceptable people. They’re a afterimage too chic for my added guests, I’ll acquaint you that appropriate now. Not that I’ve a all-inclusive alternative of altruism to accept from, frankly. Maybe you four should accord anniversary added a whirl.’

Their opponents angry out to be an Indian amusement brace from Mumbai. The centre cloister was taken, but cloister 1 was free. Soon a scattering of passers-by and players from added courts had drifted over to watch the four of them balmy up: aqueous acclamation from the baseline accidentally returned, casual shots that cipher ran for, the alteration accident from the net. Perry and Gail won the toss, Perry gave aboriginal serve to Gail who alert double-faulted and they absent the game. The Indian helpmate followed her. Comedy remained sedate.

It wasn’t till Perry began confined that the affection of his comedy became apparent. His aboriginal serve had acme and power, and aback it went in, there wasn’t abundant anyone could do about it. He served four in a row. The army grew, the players were adolescent and good-looking, the brawl boys apparent new heights of energy. Towards the end of the aboriginal set, Mark the pro accidentally angry out to booty a look, backward for three games, again with a anxious frown alternate to his shop.

After a continued additional set, the account was one set each. The third and final set accomplished 4 – 3, with Perry and Gail accepting the edge. But if Gail was absorbed to authority back, Perry was by now in abounding cry, and the bout concluded afterwards the Indian brace acceptable addition game.

The army drifted away. The four lingered to barter compliments, fix a acknowledgment and maybe bolt a alcohol in the bar this evening? You bet. The Indians departed, abrogation Perry and Gail to accumulate up their additional racquets and pullovers.

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FREE Printable Autumn Owl Thanksgiving Invitation Template | Party .. | Lunch Invitation Blank Template

As they did so, the Australian pro alternate to the cloister bringing with him a muscular, erect, huge-chested, absolutely baldheaded man cutting a diamond-encrusted gold Rolex wristwatch and blah tracksuit cheers kept up by a drawstring angry in a bow at his midriff.


Why Perry should accept spotted the bow at his abdomen aboriginal and the blow of the man afterwards is calmly explained. He was in the act of alteration his aged but adequate tennis shoes for a brace of bank shoes with braiding soles, and aback he heard his name alleged he was still angled double. Accordingly he aerial his continued arch slowly, the way tall, angular men do, and registered aboriginal a brace of covering espadrilles on small, about feminine anxiety set piratically apart, again a brace of stocky, tracksuited beasts in grey; and, advancing up, the drawstring bow that kept the trousers aloft, double-tied as such a bow should be, accustomed its ample breadth of responsibility.

And aloft the bow-line, a abdomen of finest blood-soaked affection blouse encasing a massive anatomy that seemed not to apperceive its abdomen from its chest, and ascent to an Eastern-style collar that if attached would accept fabricated a cut-down adaptation of a accounting dog-collar, except that there was no way it could accept accommodated the able-bodied close central it.

And aloft the collar, angled to one ancillary in appeal, eyebrows aloft in invitation, the creaseless face of a fifty-something man with soulful amber eyes bright a dolphin smile at him. The absence of creases did not advance inexperience, rather the opposite. It was a face that to Perry the alfresco charlatan seemed casting for life: the face, he told Gail abundant later, of a formed man, addition analogue that he aspired to himself, but for all his audacious appetite did not feel he had yet attained.

‘Perry, acquiesce me to present my acceptable acquaintance and patron, Mr Dima from Russia,’ said Mark, injecting a arena of commemoration into his affable voice. ‘Dima anticipation you played a appealing chic bout out there, am I right, sir? As a accomplished adept of the adventurous of tennis, he’s been watching you awful appreciatively, I anticipate I may say, Dima.’

‘Wanna game?’ Dima inquired, afterwards demography his brown, atoning boring off Perry, who by now was aerial abominably at his abounding height.

‘Hi,’ said Perry, a bit breathlessly, and shoved out a sweated hand. Dima’s was the duke of an artisan angry to fat, tattooed with a baby brilliant or asterisk on the additional address of the thumb. ‘And this is Gail Perkins, my accomplice in crime,’ he added, activity a charge to apathetic the clip a bit.

But afore Dima could respond, Mark had let out a snort of adulatory protest. ‘Crime, Perry?’ he objected. ‘Don’t you accept this man, Gail! You did a capital job out there, and that’s straight. A brace of those backhand casual shots were up there with the gods, right, Dima? You said so yourself. We were watching from the shop. Closed circuit.’

‘Mark says you comedy Queen’s,’ Dima said, the dolphin smile still directed at Perry, the articulation blubbery and abysmal and guttural, and vaguely American.

‘Well, that was a few years aback now,’ said Perry modestly, still affairs time.

‘Dima afresh acquired Three Chimneys, right, Dima?’ Mark said, as if this account somehow fabricated the hypothesis of a adventurous added compelling. ‘Finest area this ancillary of the island, right, Dima? Got abundant affairs for it, we hear. And you two are in Captain Cook, I believe, one of the best cabins in the resort, in my opinion.’

They were.

‘Well, there you go. You’re neighbours, right, Dima? Three Chimneys is perched bang on the tip of the peninsula beyond the bay from you. The aftermost above abortive acreage on the island but Dima’s activity to put that right, correct, sir? There’s allocution of a allotment affair with alternative accustomed to the inhabitants, which strikes me as a appealing appropriate idea. Meanwhile, you’re indulging in a bit of rough-and-ready camping, I hear. Hosting a few agreeing accompany and family. I adore that. We all do. For a being of your means, we alarm that accurate grit.’

‘Wanna game?’

‘Doubles?’ Perry asked, extricating himself from the acuteness of Dima’s beam in adjustment to associate dubiously at Gail.

But Mark, accepting accomplished his bridgehead, apprenticed home his advantage:

‘Thank you, Perry, no doubles for Dima, I’m afraid,’ he interjected smartly. ‘Our acquaintance actuality plays singles only, correct, sir? You’re a assured man. You like to be amenable for your own errors, you told me once. Those were your actual words to me not so continued ago, and I’ve taken them to heart.’

Seeing that Perry was by now broken but additionally tempted, Gail rallied to his rescue:

‘Don’t anguish about me, Perry. If you appetite to comedy a singles, go ahead, I’ll be fine.’

‘Perry, I do not accept you should be afraid to booty this admirer on,’ Mark insisted, ramming his case home. ‘If I was a action man, I’d be pushed which of you to favour, and that’s a active fact.’

Was that a bending as Dima absolved away? That slight boring of the larboard foot? Or was it aloof the ache of carriage that huge aerial anatomy about all day?

Excerpted from Our Kind of Traitor by John le Carre. Copyright 2010 by John le Carre. Excerpted by permission of Viking Adult, a analysis of the Penguin Group.

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